The IKSH Team

/The IKSH Team
Elizabeth Pudwill
Elizabeth PudwillPresident & Chair
Elizabeth works directly with the public on a daily basis at the Houston Chronicle as the Chronicle Reader Representative. She is also a secretary, columnist, and all around problem solver. A solution minded woman, helping people and finding solutions is what Elizabeth does best.

IKSH started in March of 2012 as a solution to a problem. In April of 1999, I got sober from drugs and alcohol. Needing friends and support, reluctantly, I began going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. I learned in AA how to use the fellowship to get my needs met. I needed an attorney and the group supplied. I needed help going to court and the group supplied. Over and over they showed up for me.

A few years later, I had a small intimate book club. One of the members was jobless and had been for about a year. The members of the group were sympathetic, even empathetic and wanted to help. “If we could just figure out how to connect all of my contacts to yours, and then sort of spider web out – you know connect all of them to each other and their contacts. Your job is in our network, I just know it.”

I Know Somebody Houston was born. I wanted to create a large resource of women to provide solutions to women with needs and share the concept that ‘you are not alone’; a fellowship of women helping women. The idea was shared from one powerful woman to another in a social setting.

Among the first founders, it was decided that monthly meetings, offering free educational sessions, was the best way to bring a group together, to bond them and get the members supporting each other. It was also decided to keep IKSH women only, so that women who are not accustomed to groups and using groups would try it and feel safe. A women only group also made it so that women who did not have many friends, or opportunities to meet other women, could make new friends.

A date was set for the first meeting. June 6, 2012. One woman secured the downtown Houston library as their setting. The rest of the women invited everyone they knew. The group asked the most celebrated woman, a journalist with a following, to be the first speaker. They offered free educational information about dressing for an occasion, how to, where to purchase, and how to purchase on a budget. There were about 60 women at the first meeting.

Ana Khan
Ana KhanSocial Media Expert
As the Social Media Chair, Ana works collaboratively with the Board to carry out IKSH’s Social Media structure and growth. Ana is also a photographer for Ama Photography and is employed at The Houston Chronicle. By serving on the Board, Ana fulfills her passion of giving back, inspiring hope and growth.
Sandy Lawrence
Sandy LawrenceMarketing
Sandy is a PR Strategist, speaker, author, the creator of DIY PR and marketing programs, and the Founder and CEO of Perceptive Marketing. Sandy works passionately to take her client’s message to the world. Her marketing skills are available to anyone who needs a truly perceptive marketing expert.


Ashley D. Harris
Ashley D. HarrisTreasurer
Ashley Harris is the CEO of Behind The Numbers Financial Consulting. She understands what money really is, how to use it to attain and further your goals, when it can be used or invested in a better fashion, and she even know what to do when there just isn’t enough. Financial success is more than being able to pay your bills for the week or for the month but it’s about taking the area of finances head-on so that you can create a life you enjoy living.


Vanessa Wade
Vanessa WadePublic Relations
Vannessa is an award-winning PR Expert and Founder of Connect The Dots PR where she loves getting her clients favorable publicity. Vannessa has appeared in Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, Fast Company and continues to be recognized for her unmatched spunk and talent. From the halls of the U.S. Office of Presidential Correspondence to UNICEF, Vannessa has been able to create strong engaging brands that appeal to consumers – and it shows!


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