Women to Watch Phyllis Bailey

//Women to Watch Phyllis Bailey

Women to Watch Phyllis Bailey

Phyllis J. Bailey a Woman to Watch

I met Phyllis Bailey many moons ago while  she was pitching something at the Houston Chronicle and we chatted briefly. Over time, she came back with another story pitch and another. Over the years of her pitching and me putting her in touch with the right editor, we became friends.

A wife, mother, and confidant to many, Phyllis Bailey is also a solopreneur. Her public relations company is 3B Resources Group Public Relations, LLC. She has been successfully supporting herself for 19 years. In those years,  Phyllis has had to transform from printed and snail-mail press releases to the digital world of today.  She has successfully transcended with grace.

Phyllis is also a supporter and advocate for aspiring or emerging solopreneurs. I have seen her mentor and guide numerous young women into successful businesses. She is also a staunch supporter of I Know Somebody Houston as well as many other causes. She has introduced numerous women to the I Know Somebody Houston organization. This woman knows and understands the phenomenon of giving back.


Phyllis Bailey is a Woman to Watch because she has a long-term, thriving PR Business, she gives back to the community, and she also knows when to say no. She understands that most individuals do business through email and texting but watch out, if you email her, she will probably pick up the phone and call you!

To reach Phyllis J. Bailey or 3B Resources Group Public Relations, LLC go to www.3brg.com or find her on Twitter @Phyllis3brg.

Join IKSH today at www.iknowsomebodyhouston.com.   If you have a Woman to Watch nomination email it to iknowsomebodyhouston@gmail.com.



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