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Women to Watch, Loretta Williams Gurnell

If you ask Loretta Williams Gurnell what I love about her she will laugh and say “My husband, Severen. Elizabeth loves my husband!” And it’s true, I do love her husband, Severen. What I love about Severen is how much he loves his wife.

There is much to love about Loretta Williams Gurnell.   When Loretta walks into a room all eyes take notice. Her voice has a rich vibrato. When she talks people wait, to hear what she has to say. She is tall, statuesque, and she struts into a room.


I met Loretta at an I Know Somebody Houston’s  event 3-4 years ago when she asked me to be an honoree, a SUPERLady,  of the SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT for the organizations’ initial launch. Loretta is the President, the creator of SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT.  A training for entrepreneurs;   women who are balancing a family, work,  and the dream of creating their own business.

SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT produces Essential Tools workshops. An event offering the community tools from experts in the areas of Health, Faith, Presentation, Relationships, Finances, and Appearance. Loretta seeks out the experts and asks them to share, to mentor and coach women with startups.   They offer their tried and true experience, systems, and education that work.   It’s  real advice from those that have created what startups are striving to do.

But Loretta’s influence  goes beyond her SUPERLady community and reaches into youth. She started SUPERGirl in conjunction with SUPERLady in order to provide teens and pre-teens with the stuff we all needed growing up. Real education about the world they are about to enter and  an opportunity to ask an adult female questions that are not dealt with at school.

Loretta does all of this while maintaining her own full-time job, as a school teacher.  In addition to being an active member of her church, she is a mother of two active, basketballand  football-playing boys.  And wife to that guy that loves her, Severen.

The SUPERLady stuff alone is enough to make Loretta a Woman to Watch.   All of the other balls she juggles  make her amazing.

Loretta Williams Gurnell at IKSH"s Compassion Week event with Elizabeth Pudwill, Pam Terry and Ovit Pursley

Loretta Williams Gurnell at IKSH”s Compassion Week event with Elizabeth Pudwill, Pam Terry and Ovit Pursley

To learn more about Loretta Williams Gurnell and SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT go to https://www.facebook.com/SuperLadyLIVE/.

Join IKSH today at www.iknowsomebodyhouston.com or https://www.facebook.com/groups/IKSBH/

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  1. Loretta Williams Gurnell October 14, 2016 at 9:35 am - Reply

    WOW, I am absolutely blown away that my IKSH community under the leadership of #SUPERLady14, Elizabeth Hayson Pudwill has picked this up from my journey with you. Thank you for the wonderful synopsis of my SUPERLady life. I am definitely blessed with 3 key factors in my life, 1) my faith, 2) my family and 3) my freedom all of which drive me to who I am and daily strive to become. #IDAREyouto SHINE well today and everyday so others will want to SHINE too.
    Hugging you,

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