Women to Watch, Liz Keels

Women to Watch, Liz Keels

Women to Watch is a new blog series featuring women in the IKSH community.

Liz Keels is a licensed massage therapist.  She must have a thriving, successful business with little need for more clients and appointments because Liz seems to spend most of her time rescuing, bathing, feeding, grooming, cuddling, and fostering dogs.

I met Liz through a friend and knew little about her until I created I Know Somebody Houston. Day after day, Liz posts photos of dogs that she has pulled from the jaws of death, either on the street or from shelters such as Barc, where the animal has run out of time.

Relentlessly, Liz looks for adoption opportunities (or adopters) for the animals, and frequently ends up taking them home.  She feeds, bathes, nurtures,  and heals them. She also periodically drives animals to Northern States to be adopted.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a story for the Houston Chronicle about dog rescues in Houston. Liz volunters  with K9 Angels, frequently helping out with fostering, adoptions, vetting, and walking. Liz introduced me to K9, which ended up in the story.

Months ago, Liz posted a video on social media of an obviously abandoned dog she  found while driving. He looked scared, hungry, dirty and possibly injured. The video showed the abandoned stray responding to Liz’s calm and cooing voice. Liz picked this stray up, took him home, fed him, bathed him, and took him to the vet. She nursed this dog back to health and named him Davy.

There are many other cases… too many to share. Recently she ended up with a small mother dog and her pups. Most of the puppies had distemper and many died as Liz attempted to save them. But some of the pups did survive, as well as the mother, because of Liz’s incredible effort.

Liz’s tenacity and persistence shows up in the successes she has with animals. Her compassion and love for living things, especially the broken and abandoned ones, surpasses most.

I am drawn to Liz’s passion for her causes. I am motivated by her fearlessness. I am inspired by her seemingly limitless space to care for and love animals. What if we all directed that kind of energy and passion to the desires of our hearts? I admire and support Liz Keels, because I cannot do what she does and we need more people out there like her. I aim to pour that kind of energy into my passions. Liz Keels is an IKSH Woman to Watch.

Elizabeth Pudwill

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Photo by Robyn Arouty

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