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The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

This is a guest blog post by Marian LaSalle of Agency 258. 

Help your prospect until they ask you to stop…

What do we mean? Well, in many businesses it’s rare to have someone meet you and purchase your product immediately. So many people are running around distracted and not interested in what you’re selling. They like to research, think about the process and compare it with other products. People do a lot of online research so don’t take it personally.

So many people buy online and start researching from their mobile phone or their tablet and then continue to review options on a laptop. If you’re involved in a face to face sales process, developing a relationship has always been part of the process.

Develop a relationship with your community until they become your customer. ​
The key is in the follow-up

What is Your Workflow?

Agency258 creates sales funnels, email and lead generating solutions all the time. One of the biggest challenges we see in business is the difficulty creating simple systems to use to follow-up with prospects.

We ALL have been guilty, of failing to follow-up, so we created this post to share a few ideas.

We have outlined several ways to maintain a connection with your prospects and clients.

Keep it Simple

We wanted to share a few simple follow-up ideas that have worked for other business owners. Our goal is to provide you with a simple workflow or system you can use to keep up with your prospects.

Ways To Follow-Up & Stay In Touch

Live Events

Networking is a big part of the process and is critical to growing your business in today’s noisy market.

If you’re 100% online, you still need to network with prospects, clients, and partners. Everything we share will work for any business large or small. The ideas are the same regardless of the size of your company.

Part of every successful business is being a good networker.

Social Media and sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Alignable, make the process simple, but not easy. It all takes time and effort.It’s essential to follow-up with the contacts you make, to make your overall efforts productive for both you and your connection.​

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are all about being top of mind when the prospect has a need. Make the process easier by thinking of ways you can provide value to every prospect. Every message does not have to be about your product or services. Offer value to people without any expectation.

Say for example you know one of your prospects loves gardening, and you see a great article on the valuable tip or a new technique. Send it to your prospect. Share and offer value at every opportunity.

We produce this Newsletter to share valuable information around a topic we can help you improve. Creating and sharing content is one way to stay Top of Mind.

Curate Content

Another way to stay engaged with your community is to curate content. Share articles and information you discover and send it to people that you feel would benefit from the material.

Creating fun social posts and sharing information online is getting less and less efficient. We need to be more proactive in our actions to stay connected to our community of prospects, targets, and leads.

Follow-up Tips You Can Use

Creating a Workflow

The most successful people in history developed habits and routines for their workflow.We recommend creating a system and a workflow that fits your needs. We deal with a lot of different software and solutions, and it can be overwhelming and confusing. Keeping it simple as it needs to will become the most capable system you can develop.

People ask…​

What’s the BEST Solution? ​

The One You USE!​

Schedule Time to Follow-Up

Scheduling time for quality follow-up helps deepen the relationship and trust. Most successful business owners, create a healthy business by building large networks of business associates, clients, mentors, and friends.

Use a simple calendar reminder and make sure you keep your appointments, important dates and events.

Over time, your network will grow, and you will start to receive calls because someone suggested you could help them. Being consistent over time builds your value to the community. Be the resource that is known for helping.

Keep Delivering Value!

You can provide value to anyone if you learn enough about who they are. Ask excellent questions and learn as much as you can about the person so you can offer the most value to their lives. Discover what they care about, (not what you want) Kids, family, cars, animals or travel? There is something that everyone will share that you can learn how to offer value.

 Pro Tip:

Try texting someone that you haven’t connected with in awhile and just ask them how they are doing and that you were thinking of them. We all see something, hear a song or recall a funny moment and wonder what they are doing. Take a moment and send them a text, email or a message and let them know you’re thinking about how they’re doing.

Let us know how it works out.

 Using Systems and Reminders

Create a habit to wishing everyone today a happy birthday on your platform of choice. Facebook and LinkedIn are great for this.Take the time to go through LinkedIn and acknowledge new positions, promotions and new articles they post.

Oh, I guess it would be safe to mention to connect with people you’re going to be following up with. If you’re dealing with an individual that isn’t on any social media platform, use email and a calendar.

Remember To Keep It Simple

Down to Business

One thing to remember is that you’re connecting with people because you have a business. And as a business, you have to make sure that you’re tracking your progress as well and your prospects. There are software solutions that will provide all the features and functionality you would ever need. It can quickly become overwhelming and confusing to everyone unless you break it down and create a few business goals and rules around the tool.The software is just a tool and needs to support the business, not the other way around.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM software is a subject we could fill pages and pages of information on and spend hours and hours debating on the best solution. The best solution is the one you and your company will use. A CRM has to be part of the process, culture, and workflow. Not ‘ONE MORE THING’ that your sales team has to do to get their job done. Think of the software as a tool to use and not a task that has to be completed.

CRM Considerations

We’re not going to go into the details of selecting a CRM solution for your business and will save that topic for another post. There are a few concepts to consider when you think about any system you’re using for customer data and follow-up.

Customer Data & Collection

Any system you’re considering will have a way to collect details of about your prospect or client.

Data On Deals

Every system you create will need to be able to track the opportunities being discussed and what needs to happen next. Create a roadmap or your sales pipeline. What is the customer journey? What needs to happen next? What is the most important action you need to take to help your prospect? You need to know.

Nurturing Your Network

There are two ways to navigate through your network. You will have two groups. People that have projects and the people that don’t. There are the people that know you and don’t need your services YET. Nurture Your Network. It doesn’t matter what you sell if the timing isn’t right. If the timing isn’t right, it doesn’t matter how good your product is or what you can provide them.Stay top of mind until they are ready.

Build Your List, Your Community and Deliver ValueCreate a way to develop, communicate and engage with the community to ensure they understand everything you can provide.Eventually, you’re the one they call when they need your services.

Time and Circumstances

Marketing and sales are all about being top of mind when the prospect has a need. They may never need your services. However, if there is anyone that they know that needs your services, you have a better chance of getting a great referral. You have to be a friend to have a friend. Networking 101

Build Your List, Your Community and Deliver Value Create a way to develop, communicate and engage with the community to ensure they understand everything you can provide.Eventually, you’re the one they call when they need your services.

Give To Get & Stay In The Game!

Develop your strategy like a game. Follow-up and continue following up until one of four outcomes has occurred:

  • They Die
  • Go Out of Business
  • File A Restraining Order
  • Become a Happy Customer

Agency258 develops strategies to generate leads, create clients and follow-up with your prospects.

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