Taking time to Catch Up

Taking time to Catch Up

By Marla Regan

Marla 2013

I have a philosophy, “if paper started to smell, like the mystery items in the frig, we would not have paper piles!” You may see things around your office and home and say to yourself, “Oh yea, I gotta fix that or put that stuff away.”
If you are seeing these things in your office:

  •  the things left behind from projects
  •  books
  •  research
  •  things from an expo
  •  business cards
  •  things that don’t have an established place (homeless items)
  •  coffee cups
  •  pens (that seem to multiply)
  •  mail (opened and unopened)
  •  magazines and catalogs
  •  note pads (with and without notes)
  •  sticky notes with notes stuck on things
  •  empty envelopes with notes and phone numbers you don’t remember for whom or what.
  •  Etc, etc, etc…

Or these things at home:

  •  shoes and bags that collect at the door
  •  mail becomes a pile on the kitchen counter or coffee table
  •  laundry (dirty or clean, unfolded) begins to mount over a laundry basket(I won’t go on, it gets a little depressing and I do have a solution!! It is a simple fix! )

If all of this undone-ness gives you that icky feeling in the pit of your stomach and overwhelms, then it time for action and is why I have invented (sort of) ‘Catch-Up Time’!
‘Catch-Up Time’ is time set aside to do those pesky things (see above lists) that you look at and say…”I don’t  have time right now — this is not next”. Well, with ‘Catch-Up Time’ those things are now next! You know it needs doing; you can not put them off any longer. ‘Catch-Up Time’ is a time set aside from 30-minutes, for aquick catch up, to a day to do the larger things that are bugging you.
Schedule ‘Catch-Up Time’ on your calendar and write down the projects you will do. It helps to write down a to-do list and prioritize it. You will be amazed at how many things you have on the list! Who can you ask to help you stick with your ‘Catch-Up Time’ plan, whether this is a friend, family member or a professional organizer (www.OrganizedTime.com – shameless plug), you will accomplish those nagging little things that weigh heavy on you, stress you and block energy!

Get out your calendar and schedule your ‘Catch-Up Time’ NOW! Pick one thing to start, it is the thing that will make the biggest difference in your home or office and reduce stress. Set a timer and get started!

Please let me know how well your ‘Catch-Up Time’ worked for you!
If you didn’t complete everything on your list, schedule another ‘Catch-Up Time’ with a plan of action items to
complete. Keep going! You can do it!
Happy Organizing!
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