Stay your course!

//Stay your course!

Stay your course!

This is a guest post from Loretta Williams Gurnell and SUPERLady Live movement.

Stay Your Course!

Literally, I was sitting in my office working on our upcoming 2017 SUPERLady HOUSTON Calendar Soirée  ( deadline and received a message. I was asked to be a guest on the @AlRuckerShow ( a radio show that is also available on live stream), Friday, Oct 21 @1pm CST.  KKBQ FM 92.9 FM HD2.

That’s cool, right? But I did not pitch this show at all, yet I’ve been asked to go on as a Friday’s guest to talk about me, SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT, our work, our community & our Soirée.

Don’t quit before the miracle

Many thanks to my angel who called!

So many times we get discouraged because the “doors”, we think aren’t opening or the people we think can help us are not really assigned to us.  I know.  I’ve been there.
But here are three (3) things I believe led to this call …
1) I know my purpose and I am focused on being GREAT for those who I am assigned to and to those who are assigned to me. Whether speaking in front of an audience, working one-on-one with clients, in my Master Mind groups, or mentoring entrepreneurs or SUPERGirls. I keep my purpose in the forefront.

2) I’m humbled enough to know I cannot do anything on my own but believe God works mightily through others to fulfill the work I am assigned to.

3) And shucks, I’m pretty cool. I love my family and when I go, they go.  In my mind, my family is not just my husband and sons but those who are intricately connected with me and we make magic when we work together.  So that’s many of you!!!  Thank you.


Lastly, so be steadfast, pray with an expectation, speak well, plan ahead, don’t be afraid to ask forgiveness, learn from other’s setbacks, lift others up and give thanks often!

To hear and see the show, stream LIVE here ….

For more on SuperLADY Live Calendar Soiree go here.


Loretta Williams Gurnell, B.S., M.Ed. 

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My Motto: “I teach, you learn.  We plan, you implement.  You grow, we win!”
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