Own your Personal Power!

Own your Personal Power!

This is a guest blog from Angelica Gonzalez CEO and Founder of Latina Entrepreneurs Empowerment Circle (http://www.leec.biz/).

Angelica Gonzalez CEO Latina Enterpreneurs Empowerment Circle

Angelica Gonzalez CEO Latina Enterpreneurs Empowerment Circle

Own your Personal Power.

Did you know that when you don’t own your Personal Power, you are losing out on money and happiness?

First, let’s define Personal Power. Personal Power is taking full 100% responsibility for everything you create in your life. You remove all blame and complain. Therefore, other’s opinion mean diddly squat in your life!¬†:)You define your own identity, your own Self-Worth, your own core values, your own boundaries, your own tempo. You define your OWN LIFE! You have the POWER to create the Life you want. All you have to do is Declare!

As an entrepreneur, you have to have the confidence to own that Personal Power! Don’t allow the idealism of perfection get in the way because there is no such thing as “Perfect”. Perfectionism can stop you from taking action, stop you from charging for your services. I Own my Personal Power and I don’t allow anyone or anything to define me. I decide “Who is Me!” And this took years for me to fully step into that space.

Personal Power allows you the Freedom to be You and allows your Light to Shine! When you are in that space, you can feel it and ¬†there are no limits to what you can do. Those BS excuses no longer have room in your presence. It doesn’t mean they won’t creep in every once in a while but your Personal Power will become aware of them very quickly and find ways to solve the conflict and challenges that come your way.

Having Personal Power will make you Attractive and it sure feels SEXY! Have you ever noticed the number of followers the Confident woman has in her Circle?

How do you Step into your Personal Power?

  1. Get centered! – Find a quiet space of peace and sit relaxed. Any thoughts of worry or stress, negative self-talk – just say thank you but that you will deal with that later and see those thoughts float away. Come back to You and allow the inner peace to sink in. You can do this for 5 minutes a day. Do this for 90 Days!
  2. List your Skill Set! Buy a beautiful journal and everyday list the skill sets that you used that day. Recognize and honor the person you are. Self-appreciate the person you are. Do this for 60 Days.
  3. And for the next 365 Days – Tell yourself – I LOVE YOU! Repeat this quietly in your head all day long.

For some stepping into your Personal Power may be easy as switching a light and for others it takes time because of all the bad programming you have imprinted in your subconscious. I’m currently working on a new Program – Stepping into your Personal Power and I will have a FREE Training next week. Send me an email to angelica@leec.biz and I will reach out to you for you to sign up for the Training.

As always, I am here to support you so reach out for a complimentary Strategy Session by email – angelica@leec.biz or text 713-518-3053. You can also reach out to me via my website http://www.leec.biz/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LatinaEntrepreneursEmpowermentCircle/?pnref=lhc

Remember that Successful people make decisions quickly!


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