Let’s Keep It Simple

//Let’s Keep It Simple

Let’s Keep It Simple

This is a guest blog post by Marian LaSalle of Agency258

 Keep it simple when you follow up.

Agency258 is on a mission to support business owners grow their business. Follow-Up is a big part of growing your business.

According to The Radicati Group, the average business person receives 91 emails a day. We all know there’s a good chance the number will increase in the next few years.

We continue receiving more messages through email, social media, and tools like messenger, slack, and other community apps.

As Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say, we are all in the business of trading attention.
How much of your attention can I receive from my message? Will you even receive my message?

Will it be deleted? Nowadays it’s hard to say. Let’s figure this out together!

Cold email Made Simple – Helping Business Owners Grow


Attention is increasingly more difficult to receive from your audience. Especially when you’re sending out an email asking for someone’s time, or focus on a sales pitch. Reaching out to someone that you haven’t talked to or even met in person. AGGG! The dreaded cold email.

Let’s see if we can improve your chance of staying connected.

Developing Relationships

We all need to reach out to people to grow our business. Meeting new people through face-to-face meetings and networking online is just part of our daily activity. The simple way to build relationships is to meet someone, follow up when them and stay then keep in touch.

Our clients tell us they don’t follow up with many of the people they meet because they’re not in their target audience. Well, we believe there is a valid reason to stay connected with most of the people you meet in business. You never know when they might meet someone that has a friend that needs your products or services. Or, they move to a new company and discover they need your services.

Why Is It So Difficult?

Why don’t we stay in contact with people? We have social media, email, websites and all the tools necessary to stay connected.
Why is it so difficult?

It Takes Work!

The process to stay engaged takes effort and dedication to maintain an open line of communication. We have all failed when it comes to staying in touch with friends and people we meet in business. ‘Well, most of us have’

What’s the answer? What’s the solution? It requires a few things. Systems, research, and a little consideration.

The best method to stay connected is to start the relationship when you first meet the person and continue staying in contact.
Maintain zero interruption in the relationship. Provide your community the value they deserve.

Choosing a CRM

Agency258 is developing systems you can use to maintain and expand the relationship to grow your business. ​

If you already have a long list of people you want to connect with or need to re-engage with, it will take some additional effort. You still need a system to maintain your connection and communication.

Many people use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program to schedule meetings, events, and tasks.

If you need help developing your systems, please let us know how we can help you create a solution for your business.

Re-Connecting With Contacts. 
Anyone that you met casually a year ago needs to be considered a cold lead. Here are a few tips to renew a relationship with cold contacts.

Do a little research
Do your homework to research your contacts, before you formulate a follow-up message. Are you connected on social media? LinkedIn? Take time to look for an update.

What are they doing? 
Have they changed jobs? Did they move? Taking some time to create a meaningful message can make the difference between an open and a delete. There is no magic bullet or magic dust to sprinkle into an email to guarantee results.


Cold emails do not need to become spam: sending out mass emails are a bit spammy, but thoughtful emails sent one-by-one aren’t.

Carefully crafted emails sent out can make the difference between an open and delete. Take the time to craft your message and do what you can to make it as personal as possible.

Make your message relevant and use your email subject to sum it up.
How can I summarize a complicated pitch in one line? Well, how do you summarize your blog post in a 140-character tweet? (or less)

Many people underestimate the value of an aptly timed pitch. Timing is tough to scale, and you can’t force it whenever you need it most. Look for opportunities for birthdays promotions and anniversary to have a personalized message ready to send out and reconnect. Sharing how you met will always improve your chance to get a response.
Some opportunities just present themselves at the perfect time, and if you can capitalize on them, it increases your chance of success.

Be Concise
If you’re reaching out to someone for the first time, or after a very long time, keep your message short and to the point.
Remember, we’re all trading attention these days!

We follow Brian Harris over at VideoFruit. Brian shared one of the most accessible creative strategies for outreach we’ve ever seen.

The process is so simple. You have to test it out.

Here’s what you do:

Subscribe to the newsletter for the person/company you want to connect with.

Reply to the first email they send.

That’s It.  BRILLIANT!

Continue to develop the relationship across other channels and provide value whenever possible. Share their posts and like their comments. Sometimes we just need to keep it simple.

Always Follow Up
This is the best tip we can give you, which is why it’s the last.
Out of all the emails that we’ve sent, we can confidently say that more than 60% yielded a response only because of following up on the first email.

People are busy; they may not see the one email you sent them in the mix of hundreds they receive every day. Follow up and continue to share value with your community and you’re going to have a BIG part of what you need to grow your business.

If you have any questions about how to get started with a Follow-Up System for your business, contact the Team at Agency258. Get started on your adventure in online marketing.

Contact us by email, phone or a message on social media WE ARE LISTENING!

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