IKSH Hosts Successful Mentor Match Up

IKSH Hosts Successful Mentor Match Up

Ashley Small believes in mentors and in mentoring. At a recent IKSH event, Small advised the attendees in the art of mentoring and being mentored. Small began with the suggestion to find a mentor that sees the potential in you, and reminding everyone, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

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Ask for help

Asking for help is usually a huge obstacle to anyone starting something new, but you have to be willing to ask for what you want or even need.

Consider starting with one mentor to help you in your current endeavors, such as your start up business, or even figuring out what you are good at and knowing your mission or purpose . Then you can add mentors as you grow in life. Having mentors for different areas of life can be very beneficial; ie relationships, spiritual life, finances and networking.

Choose a mentor

“When choosing a mentor find a person that is willing to invest in you,” Small advises, “but not necessarily impressed by you.” You want an honest, open relationship with your mentor. You will be discussing very intimate personal topics with this person and you are not looking for a yes man (or woman). You want an objective adviser, not someone who thinks everything you do is wonderful.

Be consistent when meeting with your mentors. Meet regularly (even if just once a quarter) or text them to let them know where you are and what is going on with you.

Find a mentor

If you are looking for a mentor one of the best places to find one is networking events. Again, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Also use social media. Consider following your potential mentor on all of their social media platforms. Re-tweet for a few weeks then reach out to them.

Ashley advised against approaching a direct competitor when seeking a mentor. The relationship is much to intimate to share this information with a direct competitor. Find someone you can trust and build the relationship.

Consider ending the mentor/mentee relationship when it stops working for you. Remember that the mentor/mentee relationship must bring value to both sides. Mentoring a person can be just as rewarding as being mentored. But the relationship should never exceed it’s expiration date.

For more about Ashley Small go to http://home.medley-inc.com/about/the-medley-inc-team/

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