I Know Somebody November Events

/I Know Somebody November Events

IKS has some exciting things coming in November.

Join us on November 16 for Jumpstart 2018, make your business better than before!   

We have an exquisite panel of successful entrepreneurs ready to provide you with strategies to make your business better than 2017. 


Jumpstart 2018 features four successful female entrepreneurs all set to strategize with you for 2018. Don’t wait until January, come and hear how these women built their businesses. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions too! 

How Can I Contribute?


Every little bit helps!

IKSH is 501c3 Non-Profit organization that began in Houston.

Houston is a thriving metropolis, with booming industries, incredible real-estate values, renowned arts and theater districts, award-winning restaurants and greater still–valuable opportunities. Houston holds an even greater treasure: a group of driven, savvy, motivated women, entrepreneurs who have decided to follow their passions and pursue their dreams.  These are the members of I Know Somebody Houston.

I Know Somebody Houston is a non-profit womens networking organization, created in 2012. As a womens networking group, I Know Somebody Houston (IKSH) has spent the last five years connecting these women, our members, with resources, experts, clients and education to help their businesses grow and thrive.  We have seen countless woman-owned businesses transformed through the power of our connections.

To continue  and expand our commitment to empowering women, I Know Somebody Houston is launching the Every Woman Empowerment Fund.
The Every Woman Empowerment Fund will give scholarships to women who need additional education, training or coaching to enhance their professional growth. We will provide our members financial support to seminars,  training and coaching that aligns with each entrepreneur’s individual purpose.

This is a win-win-win model. The scholarship recipient wins, the coach or expert (also IKSH members) secures a paying client, and the community has another successful business owner. The numerous experts and coaches within the IKSH community are ready and willing to participate in this program and share their skills and talents with a deserving recipient.

IKSH is a non-profit organization, all donations to this fund are tax-deductible. Every dollar raised goes directly to I Know Somebody Houston, a registered 501c3.  We will use your donations toward this specialized scholarship fund and will ultimately help to strengthen the greater Houston community by providing it with another strong business.

We’re not only asking you to donate,  we’re asking you to share this initiative. If your company or organization provides matched giving, then share this at work. Share this with your philanthropic community groups, leaders in your neighborhood, and of course with your friends and colleagues on social media.

Donate today to the Every Woman Empowerment fund—because every woman has a need, and every woman has a purpose.


Are you a business owner who would like to sponsor IKSH ? I Know Somebody Houston has two fundraisers coming up. Our annual backpack drive and offering scholarships to students of single mothers. Reach out to one of our board members for more information.


We have Facebook lives scheduled sporadically throughout November. We will talk to several of your Facebook Friends about giving and gratitude. How we make giving and being in gratitude a part of our daily lives. Not just in the quiet of their own homes but in their business’s as well. Want to be on Facebook live with IKSH? Email us at iknowsomebodyhouston@gmail.com

Some of our sponsors include:

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You can participate by donating today!


Back to School Supply Drop at Weaver Road Apartments, August 2015

A glimpse at some of our past events

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As part of the I Know Somebody Houston initiative to connect women to the resources they need, IKSH offers a directory of services to our members. All of the businesses and services in the directory are women owned and operated and their owners themselves are IKSH member. If you are a business that wants be a part of our growing network join our directory today!


Show your support for IKSH

As a nonprofit, I Know Somebody Houston relies on the generosity of its members and supporters to make great things happen in our community.  Proceeds from your donation not only help IKSH support its membership but also to give back to the community through our yearly charity drives. We hope you will consider a donation today. Thank you for your support!