As Houston recovers, Harvey reveals benevolent souls

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As Houston recovers, Harvey reveals benevolent souls

Harvey brought out the benevolence in many

Two weeks ago I had just heard of Harvey and his presence in the Gulf of Mexico. Those two weeks feel like months have passed. Harvey came into town dumped over 50 inches of water in the Greater Houston area, ruined so much of this city that I love. Destroyed homes, roads, lives, businesses.

Yet, the benevolence of others seems to outshine the darkness caused by Harvey.

On Sunday August 27. In a break from the rain I was cleaning up outside, choking back tears of gratitude that my little house and my garage apartment were unharmed. I was so full of gratitude that I felt guilt. Yes, a survivors guilt. So many of my friends were bailing water out of their homes or not even able to get into them.

On Tuesday August 29, I ventured out on the roads and made my way into work. I spent the day mostly making sure the newsroom staff had food to heat. Not the work I usually do at the Houston Chronicle but gratifying, useful work. Everyone receiving cold cuts and bread said thank you, graciously.

Also on Tuesday the Orlando Sentinel called me asking for instructions to send a care package. That care package arrived on Friday, 7 boxes of treats and crackers and cookies and specialty snacks. Coffee and mugs and notes urging the Chronicle staff to keep it up! Continue the great work.

On Thursday the Washington Post sent an absurd amount of Shipley’s Donuts to the newsroom. Friday the Dallas Morning News had El Tiempo fajitas delivered for lunch. The Asian American Journalists Association took over for dinner sending 27 pizzas! More food from The San Francisco Chronicle, the Salt Lake Tribune, Community Coffee from the Press Club in New Orleans and on and on.


I heard from my son that his school, Whittier College (he coaches there) in Southern California sent boxes of Whittier College gear to the UofH Athletics department. I saw a convoy of waste trucks on 610 North Saturday Sept. 2 from San Antonio.

I have seen organizations created and moving through neighborhoods, helping with cleaning and trash.

Yesterday there was a huge line in the lobby of the Chronicle as employees waited to get special loans offered from Hearst, our employer.

If you need a hit of gratitude today, just jump on social media and scroll a bit. Try our pages, they are full of them. You’ll find some benevolent soul out there helping someone.

About the Author:

Elizabeth works directly with the public on a daily basis at the Houston Chronicle as the Chronicle Reader Representative. She is also a secretary, columnist, and all around problem solver. A solution minded woman, helping people and finding solutions is what Elizabeth does best.

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