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    Today’s Forum is dedicated to all the amazing people out there making a difference in the world, people opening and entering doors to make an impact in someone’s life and inspiring others to do the same! Through IKSH I’ve had the opportunity to come together with amazing women and other organizations to help and experience they joy of giving back! Let’s support each other! Please post a link of your projects and fundraisers

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    Hey there Amazing women –

    I believe that creativity and recognizing and using the power of our true authentic selves is incredibly important, especially for the times we live in.

    This month I’m helping organize a conference for young creative change makers. This is the second year of the Social Artistry Odyssey, and last year it DID change lives, and empowered young people to take ownership of the future.

    We have young people who want to go but can’t afford it – and we certainly could use your help! Please take a look at our go fund me page, and if it resonates with you, please consider making a contribution. Even the amount of a special cup of coffee can help us help young people make a difference in this world. https://www.gofundme.com/saodyssey Thank you!

    <3 Rebecca Rhapsody.

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