Coffee Shop Lesson #42

Coffee Shop Lesson #42

This is a guest blog post by LoriAnne Reeves. She started by noticing what was going on in the coffee shop where she works some mornings and developed the blog from that. A great read! 

Coffee Shop Lesson #42

Hi Community,

It’s buzzing some here in the coffee shop. The hipsters, studiers and workers are here. I haven’t seen the knitters lately.

I watched a mom come in and pick up her daughter. I didn’t hear the beginning of the exchange (I promise I don’t strain to hear anything here!) but I did hear the loud protest several times.

“Don’t feel like it.” “I DON”T FEEL LIKE IT!” The last protest had everyone quiet in the shop. Mom got the upper hand and they left.

Lesson – I’m sure as you read that you had the same thought in your head as I did. Crap, I don’t feel like it many times but I do it anyways. How any times to you start in that mood and did the thing anyway and you ended up happy, content or pleased with yourself.

Part of my work with my clients besides business strategy, sales and the whole gamut of entrepreneurship is accountability to what they are trying to accomplish. There are plenty of times when I follow up with them on a project, sales call or timeline that I hear, “I didn’t get to that.” “It completely slipped my mind.” The one that happens plenty of times is the new bright and shiny business object they saw or read about and they went down a rabbit hole.

It’s all code for I didn’t feel like it.

The psychology of motivation tells us that your motivation comes from taking the action before motivation actually sets in. It’s not I’ll get motivated then I’ll take the action. Most folks have it backwards.

Successful business people learn that early and it’s why they are successful today.

There are other components of business success but if you take action then you’ll get motivated to continue working your business.

That’s a great start!

I have to admit that there have been a few days when I didn’t want to write the Coffee Shop Lesson and some of them turned out to be some of the best ones I’ve written so far.

Comment. Share. If you have 1-2 questions about this topic, please ask. I’d love to take this deeper.

Thank you for being part of the Coffee Shop Lesson Community.


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