The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

This is a guest blog post by Marian LaSalle and Agency258 

What is the difference between Advertising and Marketing? There seems to be a bit of confusion on the subject, so we want to break it down and help define the terms.


1. The act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, etc., […]

Let’s Keep It Simple

This is a guest blog post by Marian LaSalle of Agency258

 Keep it simple when you follow up.

Agency258 is on a mission to support business owners grow their business. Follow-Up is a big part of growing your business.

According to The Radicati Group, the average business person receives 91 emails a day. […]

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Creative Cure

Creative Cure
by Mitra Mostofi guest blogger for IKSH 

If I could paraphrase my ardent message it would be that self-awareness is the recourse to live creatively and less reactively.

It wasn’t until I started my self-awareness path that I was able to let go of the victim I felt sorry for in myself to the survivor I nurtured […]

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Help Please!

Learning to ask for help
I believe one of the most difficult lessons I had to learn was how to ask for help. Some day, I’ll tell you the entire sad story but for now, I’ll just share that I could not drive, at all, for 2 years. I had to ask for a ride to […]

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As Houston recovers, Harvey reveals benevolent souls

Harvey brought out the benevolence in many
Two weeks ago I had just heard of Harvey and his presence in the Gulf of Mexico. Those two weeks feel like months have passed. Harvey came into town dumped over 50 inches of water in the Greater Houston area, ruined so much of this city that I love. […]

Daily plan to finally start your email list building.

This is a guest blog post from IKSH member Michele Scism. It’s a 4-part course which will run the next four Mondays. 

Free Blog Course: “Daily Plan to Finally Start Your Email List Building” – Part 1 of 4

In any business we must have a list of prospects. In the old days, this was done by […]

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Six Years and One Day

Six Years and One Day
*This is a guest blog post by Kathryn Wheat 


5-2-11 to 5-3-17

Six years of fun. Six years of taking random drives in the country on dirt roads. Six years of working together. Six years of laughter. Six years of change, growth and success. Six years that welcomed grandbabies, giggles and toothless smiles.

Six […]

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3 reasons why you should invest in yourself

*Lindsy Bivens is a literary coach and guest blogger for IKSH. You can find more about Lindsy at https://www.tapwriting.com 

 Writing & publishing a book requires an investment of time, energy, and yes, money!  We’re specifically talking about the dollar, dollar bills y’all.

Let’s first establish that your dreams matter, or at least they should. If you have a hint of […]

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The 5 Minute Mentor

I Know Somebody Houston presented 20 professional/entrepreneurial women to their members last Wednesday night. Then the timer was set to 5 minutes as the members scrambled to get a seat in front of the mentor of their choice.

The noise level in the private room at Fadi’s Meditteranean in Meyerland rose to  slight roar, as the […]

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Your First Webinar

This is a guest blog post by Marian LaSalle of Agency258.

Agency 258 is on a mission to support business owners grow their business. Time is a huge challenge for so many business owners we talk to at our events. We thought we would begin sharing our information with webinars to allow more people access to […]

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