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IKSH Website Forum Discussion With Website Design Expert Emily Dietle

Each week on Thursday, I Know Somebody Houston hosts an expert from our community on our website discussion board.  Our inaugural session features Emily Dietle, Website Designer and Owner of Design Impetus, Website
Which website software do you prefer? Which program, i.e. WordPress, Joomla, etc?
Find solutions that meet your needs where you are with your business. […]

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Organic Growth Opportunities for Your Business

by Suzette Cotto, Innovate Social Media

Growing a brand is a painstaking endeavor and it deserves every opportunity to be discovered. There is no doubt that social media has done amazing things for our world, giving humankind the ability to communicate on a global scale at lightning speed.  The ability to collaborate and share ideas is creating […]

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IKSH Launches on LinkedIn! Join Us!

Our 5,000 member (almost!) Facebook group has an exciting new place to share with you. Meet our members and share your professional persona with our Houston women’s professional networking group on LinkedIn. 

Join us for helpful and informative discussion around your professional life with other Houston women professionals.  Connect, Engage and Grow with I Know Somebody Houston! […]

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How Do I Motivate My Team?

How can you motivate your team? First of all, take each team member as an individual. Motivation is not one-size-fits-all.

Consider what motivates each person, and then appeal to that motivator. (Below is a list of the basic seven motivators.) So, for example, if you have a high-autonomy team member, appeal to her need to tackle […]

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How to Create Jaw Dropping Buzz

Creating Buzz for Your Biz
by Vannessa Wade

Is creating buzz for your nonprofit, business or event on your things to do list? If so, there are hundreds of ways you can create jaw dropping buzz. Yes you! The one with the incredible story to share. The one that wants to highlight something good in the community. […]

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Support Women Owned Businesses

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, are you aware that May 1st is Women Owned Business Day? On this day, we are encouraged to support women owned businesses and share information about the importance of this day with others. Many of the women involved in I Know Somebody Houston (IKSH) are entrepreneurs. Who do you know? What […]

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How to Break Through the Noise and Be Known.

Are you feeling a little (or more than a little) overwhelmed with all the challenges in getting your business – or your book or your blog – known?

Where do you start? So many social media platforms, and then there are still the methods from last year – email, networking and (God forbid) sales cold calls.

Where […]

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Like a Bull in a China Shop

I am a Jersey girl living in a Texas world! OMG it was truly a culture shock for me. I did not know that it would be one of such great multitude. When I flew into this big beautiful city I look out the airplane window with such HUGE aspirations for Dmomita’s Kitchen, LLC. I was […]

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Mixing Business and Vacation

We all know the feeling – Memorial Day Weekend comes around and we automatically switch into summer mode. It may seem difficult to plan a summer vacation in the midst of a busy work schedule, but it is possible even for the small business owner. Taking a vacation is not only good for you emotionally […]

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Get Started Blogging

My Clients know they should be blogging but they have a difficult time finding time, motivation and inspiration for blogging. I know because I have the same problems. Blogging is important to your visibility. The mantra I repeat time-and-time again to my clients is that you need frequent and relevant content.

If you don’t have a […]

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