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IKSH Hosts Successful Mentor Match Up

Ashley Small believes in mentors and in mentoring. At a recent IKSH event, Small advised the attendees in the art of mentoring and being mentored. Small began with the suggestion to find a mentor that sees the potential in you, and reminding everyone, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Ask for help
Asking for help is usually […]

5 tips to finding your ideal client

If you walked into a room filled with 100 people, from all walks of life or all industries, would you be able to pick out the one who you wanted to work with? Who in that room would inspire you to create your best work? Can you find the people who would value you and […]

Take time to think!

There’s the bell (alarm) and you’re off! The minute your feet hit the ground, you are running!! Potty, coffee pot, coffee cup, cereal bowl, kids, shower, clothes, grab your bags and you’re out the door to another day of what you did yesterday! What did you forget? No time to stop…like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, […]

Marketing, with IKSH and Sharon Lee Zapata

Marketing is defined as “the means of communicating between the company and the consumer.” A very broad statement. To the small, startup or solo-preneur business it is the lifeblood of its existence, its means of staying alive.

But how? How does one market their products or services? The avenues are endless and confusing and require education. […]

Do you judge a blog by it’s grammar?

Authored by Katherine Swarts

Do you judge a book by its cover? How about a business by its knowledge of grammar? Do you believe that “anything you hold out to the public in writing should be proofread…. Or else the reader won’t have much confidence in your business”?

Consider that a Facebook group called I Judge You […]

Your mission; to connect!


“Brands must become architects of community.” – Simon Mainwaring


A few weeks ago I attended an event centered around bloggers and how the community interacts with them. If you aren’t familiar with the term “bloggers”, check out – a blog by local Houstonite and lifestyle expert Nicole Kestenbaum. She takes the experiences of the Houston […]

How to Predict Buyer Behavior With Big Data – Throw Out Your Crystal Ball

Big data replaces crystal ball marketing. What?!
You can now take the Gypsies out of next year’s marketing budget.  Even a solopreneur without a marketing budget can get telling analytics.

Every social platform has analytics.  It’s up to company leadership to do due diligence and find these Richters of consumer behavior and study how and what activates […]

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Social Media Community Tips

Social Media Community Tips:
Tip #1 Build Your Social Media Community By Filling It With Love
Helping others achieve their goals is the approach to take when you create short (social posts) or long (blog) content.
Since we were small, we all wanted to feel like we belonged to something bigger.  Once you were accepted as part of […]

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IKSH Website Forum Discussion With Website Design Expert Emily Dietle

Each week on Thursday, I Know Somebody Houston hosts an expert from our community on our website discussion board.  Our inaugural session features Emily Dietle, Website Designer and Owner of Design Impetus, Website
Which website software do you prefer? Which program, i.e. WordPress, Joomla, etc?
Find solutions that meet your needs where you are with your business. […]

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Organic Growth Opportunities for Your Business

by Suzette Cotto, Innovate Social Media

Growing a brand is a painstaking endeavor and it deserves every opportunity to be discovered. There is no doubt that social media has done amazing things for our world, giving humankind the ability to communicate on a global scale at lightning speed.  The ability to collaborate and share ideas is creating […]

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