Bringing Facebook friends to life!

//Bringing Facebook friends to life!

Bringing Facebook friends to life!

IKSH Meet Your Facebook Friends Event

A few days ago IKSH ( held their Facebook Friends Fellowship event. It was an evening filled with lots of laughter and great connections.  Toni Harris, also known as, The Turnaround Queen, ( host the event. She did such an amazing job. Toni  started the event with a bang with her energetic spirit. She first explained the game we would all be participating in order to create connections with each other. Sandy Lawrence (  and Theresa Allen ( shared advice on the power of networking and using social media to build connections.

Networking can be Intimidting

Networking events can seem intimidating for a lot of people, especially if you consider yourself an introvert. Not with IKSH. Right from the start you could tell that everyone genuinely wanted to know about each other. I believe that is the key to great connections. Meeting someone that you genuinely want to connect with and know about their life and their interests.

We all sat in tables of six and as the game began. Each person would take turns wearing a hat and going to each table introducing themselves. The hat indicated whose turn it was to visit the other tables. I loved this idea! Not only were we able to meet a large, diverse group of professionals, it was fun! It definitely got all of us out of our comfort zone. The room was filled with an amazing group of individuals from different backgrounds ranging from health coaches, translators, photographers, and realtors.


Martha Villegas takes her turn wearing the hat as she introduces herself to her new friends from Facebook

Networking with IKSH is Fun!

By the end of the night everyone left having created great connections with people who otherwise would have never met if it wasn’t for this event. It was a great evening getting offline and meeting our Facebook friends in person.

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