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Embrace the suck

Beth Kidd is a former school teacher turned…Sailor? While doing the discovery work of ‘who am i? Beth ventured out to the open sea on a sailboat with family members, trekking to her native homeland, Jamaica. She wrote a piece about the struggles and allowing her journey to be what it was, not trying to […]

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Big Heart, Huge Mission!

In honor of the fine work I Know Somebody Houston is doing to pair mentors and mentees we have created a special collaboration. Join Host, Teresa Maron, for the Women’s Wisdom Circle, sponsored by IKSH.

Our goal for the show today is to share the story of a non-profit with a big heart on a huge […]

Single? Dating? Communicate your intentions clearly, from the start!

Why are so many successful, professional and entrepreneurial women single? If you’re reading this and you consciously and on-purpose choose to take yourself out of the dating pool then please, stop reading here.

But if you’re tired of dating, spending months if not several years with a man who doesn’t want the same thing that you […]

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Excellence as the new perfection; 3 questions to get you there

By Kathi Cooper Laughman

Excellence has long been my objective. I was captivated by Tom Peters and Nancy Austin’s work in A Passion for Excellence. Having standards and expectations of quality are important and productive values.  There is no question in my mind that good can be the enemy of great. I have seen far too many people settle at […]

IKSH Hosts Successful Mentor Match Up

Ashley Small believes in mentors and in mentoring. At a recent IKSH event, Small advised the attendees in the art of mentoring and being mentored. Small began with the suggestion to find a mentor that sees the potential in you, and reminding everyone, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Ask for help
Asking for help is usually […]

Marketing, with IKSH and Sharon Lee Zapata

Marketing is defined as “the means of communicating between the company and the consumer.” A very broad statement. To the small, startup or solo-preneur business it is the lifeblood of its existence, its means of staying alive.

But how? How does one market their products or services? The avenues are endless and confusing and require education. […]

Do you judge a blog by it’s grammar?

Authored by Katherine Swarts

Do you judge a book by its cover? How about a business by its knowledge of grammar? Do you believe that “anything you hold out to the public in writing should be proofread…. Or else the reader won’t have much confidence in your business”?

Consider that a Facebook group called I Judge You […]

Marketing smoothie! Monthly checklist…

Iris Lefkoff Salmins is a web designer, marketer and branding expert in the Houston area. She has sent us one of her daily Marketing”Smoothies” on promoting your business. For more from Iris go to:



You know that important thing that you have been avoiding? Spend five minutes towards something that will give it a jump start!

Is your email […]

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Cocktails and Connections


Houston Ladies! do you have questions about PR? Marketing techniques? Social media? Join I Know Somebody Houston for Cocktails & Connections, PR specialists, Susan Farb Morris, Phyllis Bailey, Sarni Jaye, PRkristyna Torres,Vannessa Wade, M Raye Allen , Sandy Lawrence along with other Special Guests, will be at your service to mingle with, ask your burning questions and learn […]

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Presentation: What is your social media presentation?


Recently, I spoke to a group about Presentation via social media. What is the objective of your social media presentation? Consider your business + social media= a successful marketing campaign.

I started IKSH almost 4 years ago. I created a non-profit networking group for women that has over 5k members. All sort of willy-nilly, trial and […]

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