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Time OUT!!!

*This is a post by guest blogger Marla Regan from Organized Time. Find more on Marla at

Time Out!!

What does that mean to you?  Am I in trouble?  No.  This ‘time out’ is more of a sports metaphor, let’s huddle up, evaluate our situation and get back in the game with a new plan.

Now is the time […]

Take the time now, be prepared later

OK, Houston when we have a problem, are you prepared? It is hurricane season. Do not wait until there is a disturbance in the Gulf to begin preparing. Start now by stocking up on the essentials a little at the time. (Experience has taught us, that waiting until the last minute means there will be NOTHING left […]

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Taking time to Catch Up

By Marla Regan

I have a philosophy, “if paper started to smell, like the mystery items in the frig, we would not have paper piles!” You may see things around your office and home and say to yourself, “Oh yea, I gotta fix that or put that stuff away.”
If you are seeing these things in your office:

 the […]

Take time to think!

There’s the bell (alarm) and you’re off! The minute your feet hit the ground, you are running!! Potty, coffee pot, coffee cup, cereal bowl, kids, shower, clothes, grab your bags and you’re out the door to another day of what you did yesterday! What did you forget? No time to stop…like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, […]