7 Levels of Personal Power

7 Levels of Personal Power

The following is a guest blog post by Angelica Gonzales

The most courageous people that walk on this Earth on the ones that stand in their truth!

~Angelica Marie

What defines Personal Power?  Here is how I define it:

“Personal Power is standing in your Truth of who you are in body, mind and spirit and owning every life experience that has come your way to get you into the alignment of your truth.

When you own your personal power, you are anchored in an unshakeable belief in the truth that God gifted you.”

Do you realize that most people truly do not understand what it means to own their Personal Power?  Personal Power goes beyond the self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence and setting boundaries.  It’s owning the absolute True Being of yourself with flaws and all.

It astonishes me how there is not a lot of training on this aspect of personal development.  And for me, this is the most fundamental basis for human survival and development.  Your success in life comes from owning your beautiful self.

People often ask, “what is the secret to success?” For everyone it is different.  Why?  Because we are all wired differently and have different life experiences.  If you really want success, you first have to define it for yourself.  What does Success mean to you? Do not allow others to define it for you or look for others to define it for you.  This is how your personal power and your truth are lost.    So it is time for you to discover the power within you!

In the weeks to come, I will be presenting a new training that I developed – 7 Levels of Personal Power.  This came to me after reading and studying Caroline Myss.  I also enrolled in a Coaching Certification that teaches along the same theme but in the specific area of money.  So I invite you to have an open heart and an open mind as I present to you a very powerful training on Personal PowerDevelopment and how to stop leaking “cash” from your Power System.

There are 7 Levels of Personal Power.  

To reach your full personal power, you must earn “equity” from each level.

Think of equity in regards to buying a house.  In your first year of home ownership, you own pennies on the house.  In reality, the bank owns your home.  As the years pass and you pay on your mortgage, you begin to incur equity.  The longer you pay your mortgage,  more of the percentage of ownership shifts from the bank to you.

I created this table to just to illustrate the above:


YEAR 1 0% 100%
YEAR 3 10% 90%
YEAR 7 45% 55%
YEAR 12 75% 25%
YEAR 15 100% 0%

Now let’s look at Personal Power…

When you incarnate into your newborn body, you own 0% personal power.  You are at the mercy of the parents/family that you were born to and they are initially in charge of your personal development.  Until you grow and begin to experience the world independently, will you earn “equity” on your personal power.

Caroline Myss (Mystic; author of Anatomy of the Spirit & Sacred Contracts) explains beautifully that before we incarnate in our bodies, we make “sacred contracts” with our soulmates. And yes, you have more than one.  With every encounter of meeting one of your soulmates, there is a life lesson to be learned.  You gain a little more “equity” of personal power as you learn the life lesson and graduate to the next level.

Here are the 7 Levels of Personal Power and brief summary of each level:

#1 Survival/ Tribal

As I mentioned before, when you are first born, you have 0% personal power.  This is your survival/tribal level.  This is the level where you are aware of your body and your needs.  You use your 5 senses to perceive the world.  At this level,  your parents or guardians are building your emotional/mental foundation to your life.  You do not stand alone.  Your survival depends on your family tribe.  For this reason, family/tribal beliefs become programmed and imprinted in your subconscious mind.

So what happens when the foundation is weak?  Fear becomes your common companion throughout your life.  As you move into adulthood, the ability to earn a decent living becomes a challenge.  In fact, you will face many challenges throughout your life because it is at this level where you probably “leak” a lot power.

#2 Alliance

The Alliance Level is where you begin to discover other relationships besides your family.  According to Ms. Myss, you begin to develop relationships around the age of 7.

A lot of things are going on at this level….

Your power of choice becomes activated.  The fight or flight response is dominant at this level also.  Remember you just promoted from survival level so aspects of the first level lie in this second one.

This level is also where money and self-sufficiency come into play.

As I mentioned before, I will go into more detail on future posts.  This Power Level is such an important level to promote from because this is the level where we begin to form our own identity and how we begin to interact with others.   And when this level is shaky, it’s very difficult to earn your “equity”.  Oftentimes you may unconsciously “sell” yourself for the sake of security.

#3 Self-Governance

This level is all about the self: self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, self-empowerment.  This is where we truly recognize and embrace our uniqueness.

Are you beginning to see how important it is for you to truly begin to own your personal power?  As you go up each level, your truth is revealed to you.  And when you own less than 50% of your personal power at this level, your perception of the world becomes very scary.  This is the level where people hide.  They do not allow their gifts and talents shine to the world.  Every level is important but it’s this level that disables people the most.

#4 Central

Love, love, love…

Yes, this is your Central Level where your heart takes center stage.   Your emotional development plays a strong role when it comes to your personal power.   An example of this is the ability to forgive.  The act of forgiveness will allow you to earn a large percent of  “equity”.

Emotions including fear-based ones can play a lead role when it comes to how much money you earn!  Keep this in mind – emotions are energy in motion.  So ask yourself, what energy are you carrying in your daily business activities?  I will go into more depth in a future post so that you have a better understanding why Personal Power at this level is so important to have especially if you are one that has big goals in life.  Because if by this level, you haven’t earned much personal power, nothing in your life will manifest including money.

#5 Expressive

Personal Power is not just about how you feel and how well you “wear” it.  It’s also about how confidently and gracefully you express yourself.

Have you ever noticed how the most confident and powerful are the ones that express themselves with passion and eloquence?  Their voice is authentic and transparent.  You do not hear the hidden meanings , passive aggressiveness or the loudness of judgement towards others.  They express their emotions with ease and without pain.

The other aspect to this level is your Willpower.  It includes honor and personal authority.  When you make choices without having to seek approval or rely on outside influence then you know you have stepped into your truth.

Another important aspect of this level is Faith and the ability to surrender to a Higher Power, Divinity to guide your ways.

#6 Wisdom

This is perhaps one of my favorite levels…

According to Caroline Myss, this is the level where you seek only truth.  There comes a time in your life where this level will actually become a magnet and pull you up so that you seek only truth; truth about yourself.

Another aspect of reaching this level is Detachment.  This is one of life challenges.  This is the level where you allow “change” not fear it.  And let me tell you something about change that you may not realize.  People often fear change.  People fear the unknown.  Most people will not step out of their comfort zone because they are deeply afraid of what they may lose in the process of change.  We subconsciously hold on to things, ideas, people and egos.

Fear is a beast.  This is why self-reflection and following one’s own wisdom is so necessary in order to own your personal power.    Seeking your truth is difficult.  And when you begin this journey, it can also be very painful.  When you go step into your truth, you will experience loss.  And this process may hurt.  This explains why Fear plays a huge role at this level.  And why it is necessary to promote from the previous level because you need to bring forth the Faith you learned from Expressive level.

#7 Grace

You have come a long way once you are at this level…

You go through life learning lessons so that you can earn full ownership of your personal power.  Once you reach this level, you now graduate and surrender yourself completely to a Divine Power.  Your awareness of life expands beyond your limited reality.  You have a spiritual connection to a Divine Universe and come to realize  all the synchronicities you encountered have led you to this.

You live life with grace and with an undeniable belief in who you are and embrace others with such compassion.  There is an immense love that is so unconditional.  The acts of forgiveness becomes easier.

Mary Johnson’s son was killed at the age of 20 by Oshea Israel age 16. This grieving mother did the unthinkable that most grieving mothers would never do – forgive her son’s murderer.  And if this was not enough, she became his adopted “Mom” and mentored him once he was released from prison.  In 2011, Oshea was Mary Johnson’s neighbor.  Such an incredible act of courage and grace for this Mother. (Source: Daily Mail  & Little Things)

Being able to love so unconditionally and see past the wrong, doesn’t mean you don’t set boundaries and allow others to walk all over you or allow outside influences to affect your power system.

No, you step into your full personal power when you come to realize that your truth in life is about love, compassion, grace, acceptance along with honoring a dark side of yourself that carried the “gifts” that guided you throughout your journey.

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